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From kemiko

Once people grasp the power of multi-versioning and how much easier it is to program -- it makes a big difference. The problem is, people become legendary in Sybase groups for coming up with unique techniques to solve issues like this -- having that inside knowledge of how to set up the perfect clustered index, using timestamps, never lock data -- do the concurrency control yourself, all of these neat "solutions" and then they discover "hey, you don't need to do that, why would I want to go over there where I mean nothing, where all of the knowledge I've gained over the last 10 years is useless". Talking to those guys, thats hard. Its like trying to sell the first C compiler with an IDE to a bunch of assembler programmers who love their punch cards. A bit of resistance.

Ah, yes, booleans - bit values that are either set (TRUE) or not set (FALSE). Now that we have 64 bit compilers using an int variable for booleans, there is *one* value which is FALSE (zero) and 2**64-1 values that are TRUE (everything else). It appears there's a lot more truth in this universe, but false can trump anything that's true...

CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management.", but it should be CMR for "customer MANAGED relationships".